Depository Services

Depository Services

Sweta Securities is depository participants of CDS and Clearing Limited and offers depository services to all of its clients. Depository services include maintenance and transfer of ownership records of financial instruments (share, bond, debenture, mutual fund) held by investors in an electronic form.

Depository services are offered through DEMAT A/C, dematerialization, re-materialization, pledging and share transfer. Sweta Securities is well equipped to provide seamless and integrated services to our clients. Our support center is available to solve queries of our clients.


DEMAT A/C allows investors to hold their shares in an electronic format. It removes much hassle of maintaining records as was used in a traditional paper based system. We, at Sweta Securities will help you open a DEMAT account assisting you in each process involved so that you can start trading as soon as possible.

Facilities under Depository Service
  • Opening of DEMAT A/C and Meroshare A/C
  • Dematerialization of physical shares
  • Rematerialization of electronic shares
  • Pledging and unpledging of shares
  • Family transfer and death transfer
  • Trade settlement through transferring and receiving shares
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